Biomotif is a Swedish SME formed in 2005 by Thorleif Lavold. The company develops new front-end instrumentation for mass spectrometry. Its main objective is to simplify methods and instrumentation by integrating novel technology with next generation mass spectrometer systems. Biomotif has developed different analytical devices like, ElectroCapture, HX-IA  and pI Trap Instrument™ for advanced proteomics and interactomics studies. The technology is based on several inventions including ElectroCapture, Membrane-assisted H/DX, isoelectric focussing and on-line pI separation of proteins and peptides. The HX-IA Instrument™ provides a better understanding of biomarker targets, their structure/conformation, dynamics and molecular interactions with potential drug candidates in the liquid phase. The pI Trap Instrument™ is the latest product for truly Gel-Free, MS-Compatible, pI-Fractionation of complex biological samples. Biomotif also provides a number of contract analysis services using the HX-IA Instrument and mass spectrometry for drug development and target validation.


Key persons in Top spec:


Dr. Juan Astorga Wells, Scientific manager at Biomotif, is a Pharmacist and holds a PhD in Medical Biochemistry. Role as the PI in this project. Juan is a promising young scientist with extensive experience in instrument building and testing, with special knowledge of in the combination of capillary isoelectric focusing, capillary electrophoresis and membrane-based capillary electrophoresis with mass spectrometry for the analysis of proteins and peptides. Juan is co-author on 24 peer-reviewed publications related to protein analysis by mass spectrometry

Thorleif Lavold is a businessman and entrepreneur with focus on mass spectrometry and life science applications. In addition to Biomotif AB (2005), he has started Zula Diagnostics AB (2012) and HDXperts AB (2014). Thorleif has more than 25 years of experience in the sales, marketing and launching of new mass spectrometers, and a successful background in multiple instrumentation companies: VG Instruments Ltd., Fisons Plc, Micromass AB (CEO) and Waters AB (Business Development). He was Sales and Managing Director in Micromass, where he sold the two first Q-Tof hybrid mass spectrometers in the world to Astra Zeneca and Pharmacia. In 2005, Thorleif founded Biomotif, and two patents were purchased related to the ElectroCapture technology. Biomotif holds patents in the field of ElectroCapture, H/D Exchange MS (licensed to HDXperts AB) and pI Trap technology.

Main Tasks in TopSpec

Biomotif is responsible for design and building of the CIEF system, its interface with Orbi MS. Biomotif will also adaption the pI-Trap as a first dimension of separation in the TopSpec, and its connection to the UV detector.

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