IITB Proteomics Bootcamp

David Kilgour (TNTU) travelled to the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India, to teach as part of the international faculty at the IITB Proteomics Bootcamp: “Basic and Advanced Proteomics Techniques – Omics Technologies for Life Sciences”.
This two week long course focused on:
  • Proteomics: basic and advanced technologies,
  • Other ‘omics technologies – genomics, metabolomics etc
  • Big data analysis and bioinformatics
and, included a mixture of lectures, hands-on workshops and tutorials.
It was aimed at life science and medical researchers.  Overall, there were more than 50 attendees, who came from across India.  The faculty included lecturers from the UK, India and the US.
Dr Kilgour gave lectures on electrospray ionisation, basic Fourier transform mass spectrometry concepts, and an introduction to absorption mode FTMS data processing.  The TopSpec project was discussed specifically as an example of the future direction and cutting edge of protein analysis in biomedical research.


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